Get time-saving benefits before, while and after you travel.
Start with a new way to make travel plans, mitigate travel risks and manage expenses.
travelerbuddy swiss travel solutions

#1 Travel Paperless

  • Easy access to your travel itineraries and its details on well-arranged travel cards (and offline)
  • Have secure, PIN-protected access to digital copies of important travel documents such as passports
travelerbuddy benefits push notifications

#2 Get Notified

  • Notifications about the next step in your journey (e.g. Departure)
  • Alerts about possible flight changes (e.g. delay, cancellation)
  • Reminder for flight check-in and departure
  • Ground navigation support with map (Google)
travelerbuddy benefits online flight checkin

#3 Save Time With Helpful Tools

  • Share or print your itinerary trip item card
  • Synchronize with your calendar
  • Easily convert foreign currency
  • Check in online with over 400 airlines
  • Create your own packing list
  • Easily fill in immigration and/or customs cards
travelerbuddy benefits trip itinerary

#4 Organize Travel Plans Smoothly

  • Create your travel plan automatically by simply forwarding all your booking emails (e.g. flight, hotel, restaurant)
  • Manually add additional travel details, notes, and attachments
  • Edit your travel plan conveniently in the mobile or web app
travelerbuddy benefits travel advisory

#5 Stay Informed

Always inform yourself before your trip about:

  • Travel Risk
  • Required passport validity and necessary visa requirements
  • Health risks and necessary vaccinations
  • Customs regulations

See at a glance:

  • Travel risk using a simple traffic light system
  • Validity of your passport and visa
  • Weather forecast for all destinations
  • Exchange rate between home and local currency
  • Time difference
travelerbuddy benefits secured profile

#6 Access Via Easy-to-Use, Secured, One Stop Solution

  • Your travels are always updated in real-time
  • You can access relevant information both online and offline
  • You only have to fill in your personal data one time
travelerbuddy benefits pin protected profile

#7 Protect Your Travel and Personal Data

  • Your data is encrypted and safe with us
  • Only you have access to sensitive data via the PIN code protected profiles
  • Data protection guidelines (e.g. GDPR) are strictly applied
  • We respect your privacy and do not tolerate spam
travelerbuddy benefits trip expense management

#8 Manage Your Expenses Swiftly

  • Receive automatically generated expenses reports from booking emails with: - summary report as PDF - including receipts attachments in PDF - all data in CSV file for further processing
  • Add receipts by making snapshots, uploading photos or files
  • Add and edit expense details easily
  • See status on your expense report on one glance (open, submitted, rejected, paid)*

*for corporate users

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