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Learn more about all the time-saving, easy-to-use features that have been developed for frequent and business travellers like you.
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Automatic Itinerary Generation Get your itinerary automatically by simply forwarding all your booking emails to us.
Dynamic Action Button Let your digital travel assistant guide you to the next action item with just one-tap
Travel Advice Get helpful information before you travel about travel risk, required passport validity, visa, and vaccination.
Expense Assistant Receive expense reports from booking emails, easily add new items by taking photos or uploading files and edit them swiftly.
Online Check-in Save time and check-in online to over 400 airlines using only one app.
Real-Time Alerts Get real-time alerts about travel risks, flight delays and airline gate changes.
Currency Converter Be updated with foreign exchange currency rates using a built-in currency converter.
Weather Forecast Check the weather forecast on your upcoming trip destination(s) based on your generated itineraries.
Timezone Display Be informed with the correct time between departure and your next travel location.
Trip Progress at a Glance Stay up-to-date with your busy schedule. Have an overview of your trip progress and next trip item.
Safe and Secure Profile Information Store your personal information safe and secure with our unique data protection feature.
Immigration Assistant Have all your travel details ready using our app to easily fill up forms.
Calendar Sync Sync all your meetings, appointments and trip items with just one tap in the app.
Trips Combination Combine two or more trips into a single itinerary and have all your important schedules organized at a glance.
Personalized Note-taking function Capture the highlights of your trip with notes or even photos to each trip.
Trip Sharing Share or print your itinerary with just one click of a button.
Document Box Save all other important documents about your travel using the app for easy but secure access.
Map Navigation Navigate to your trip locations with built-in maps.
Emergency This new feature assists you in case of an emergency situation by providing you facility to search for an emergency services number and share your emergency situation to your contacts.
Route Planner For the best driving experience plan your route ahead of time and seamlessly integrate it with Android Auto or Apple Carplay.
Virtual Email Eliminate the need of forwarding every booking email by using your virtual TravelerBuddy email address on your bookings (e.g. flight, hotel, restaurant).
Dynamic Action Button
Tips Get prepared before the trip with useful travel tips.
Check-in Check-in to over 400 airlines within seconds - without searching for details.
Customs Check customs regulations to avoid troubles at the destination.
Immigration Fill immigration forms with all required information at hand.
Navigation Navigate on the ground without looking up location addresses.
Expense Report Manage expenses paperless with an auto-generated report .
Make your travel easy and truly hassle-free with these exclusive online tools
travelerbuddy features pretravel check tool

Travel Advice Tool

Use Travel Advice to stay well-informed for your trip, such as knowing your current passport is still valid for travel, if visa or vaccinations are needed, health requirements, customs regulations, and COVID-19 advice.
travelerbuddy features packing list tool

Packing List Tool

Easily pack your things before your trip with these handy Packing List tool by TravelerBuddy. Whether it's for leisure or business, this tool will help you easily pack the most important stuff to bring in your next travel.
travelerbuddy features time and cost calculator

Time & Cost Saving Calculator

Self-assessment about time and cost saving potential for your company. Use your time for value creation and not for tasks that TravelerBuddy can take care of for you.
travelerbuddy features travel guide

Online Travel Guide

Read the latest updates and travel guides from TravelerBuddy. Subscribe to our newsletters to receive exclusive deals and offer.