October 2017

12 Ways a Digital Travel Assistant Simplifies Travels

Singapore, October 2017 - Prior to embarking on a trip, travelers may miss out on or fail to obtain important information that would otherwise let them travel hassle-free. Insufficient pre-travel preparations, especially when flying to international destinations can lead to frustration.

Besides planning and booking the trip, one must adhere to country-specific travel requirements from visas to vaccinations, be familiar with customs regulations, as well as ensure passport validity. TravelerBuddy, your digital travel assistant, supports you in all of the above. It also allows you to check your pre-travel requirements online via this link:

TravelerBuddy simplifies travel in 12 ways:

  • Checks for travel requirements before you travel
  • Auto-generates itineraries from forwarded travel booking confirmation emails
  • Supports online check-in for over 400 airlines
  • Sends real-time flight alerts and gate change notifications
  • Easily manages travel expenses with automatically generated expense report, CSV data file and receipts converted to PDF
  • Offers immigration card assistance for filling up of departure and arrival cards
  • Securely stores various personal details such as passport in addition to being password protected
  • Synchronizes trip items with users’ agenda
  • Enables manual editing of trips and adding of notes, pictures and documents
  • Allows offline access to trip-specific information and to documents stored in the app
  • Provides map access on trip cards to locate addresses, give directions and book taxis

The TravelerBuddy app for iOS and Android is available for download in the app stores and also accessible via web. There are three different free-trial memberships available with various features based on your travel profile.

21 June 2016
TravelerBuddy, the Singapore-Swiss company behind truly hassle-free travel

SINGAPORE, 21 June 21, 2016 - Finally a Travel Planning App that understands what business and frequent leisure travelers want and need: before, during and after the journey.

A survey* conducted on travelers and executive assistants lists lack of offline access to important travel-related information, inadequate flight notification alerts or unclear customs entry requirements as some of their pet peeves of traveling. The respondents also dread the task of sifting through piles of paperwork to get their expenses reimbursed.

TravelerBuddy eliminates all of the above inconveniences with its intuitive and innovative one-App travel solutions, simplifying travel planning for its users.

Besides the creation of automatic itineraries through user-forwarded confirmation emails, TravelerBuddy:

  • Allows the checking of both passport validity and travel requirements from one country to another whilst providing relevant customs and health information;
  • Sends timely notifications like check-in reminders, departure gate change, flight delay information;
  • Offers offline access to travel-related information stored in the App, eradicating the chore of sifting through overcrowded email inboxes for information retrieval;
  • Helps manage relevant travel expenses;
  • Provides at-your-fingertips information needed for immigration card-filling;
  • Stores securely all of users’ required personal details in one single place with additional password protection;
  • Synchronizes on demand selected trip items with users’ agenda with the option of sharing printable itineraries;
  • Allows for manual editing of trips and adding of notes;
  • Provides link of each location address with Google maps.

“Finally a Travel Companion that understands the needs of travelers! I love how its real-time notifications keep my travel plans up-to-date, how the automatically- created itinerary reveals all relevant travel info at the click of a finger, and how I no longer have to wade through my crowded inbox. TravelerBuddy does it all for me and it’s so easy to use!” enthuses Flavio Marazzi, Entrepreneur & Owner of the Marwin Racing Team ( and world champion in Sailing, who travels several dozen times per year internationally.

The TravelerBuddy App for iOS (Apple) and Android is available for download with web access.

The intuitive Travel Planner comes in Free version, with in-app purchases for Pro ($1/month) and Biz ($1.50/month) versions. 

*TravelerBuddy Client Survey 2014

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