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Automatic Itinerary Generation
Set up trips with minimal fuss! Simply forward your flight details, hotel confirmation emails or relevant travel information to and we will take care of the rest. Email unavailable? Just enter your travel details manually and TravelerBuddy will do the trick.
Trip Progress at a Glance
Stay up-to-date with your busy schedule. An overview of your trip progress and an indication of your next scheduled item or trip will ensure that you never miss a beat in your travel plans.
Pre-Travel Checks
Let inadequate documents, invalid passports or missing visas be a thing of the past. Our intuitive pre-travel checks system will remind you ahead of time of all pertinent travel documents, including relevant customs and health information for each specific country. Truly Hassle-free travel begins before your trips!
Expense Assistant
Make prompt, paperless and painless travel expense reclaim a regular part of your travel experience. With our integrated tool, simply snap as you go photos of additional receipts/invoices and add these to the trip item. All forwarded invoices are stored with each trip and can be viewed from and printed in one single attachment for pain-free reimbursement. No more searching for, scanning, faxing or mailing of receipts.
Online Check-in
Check-in online to over 400 airlines with easy access to your booking details to help you board your flight smoothly from our app. Details of your confirmed check-in to be sent to your inbox from the airline.
Real-Time Alerts
Travel with a peace of mind knowing that we are always in sync with your schedule. Our real-time notifications feature anticipates, alerts and reminds you of all crucial information such as flight delays or gate changes, so that you will always be ahead of the game.
Safe and Secure Profile Information
With our unique data protection feature, you can be sure that your personal information is safely and securely stored. Our password protected access allows you to share and use information at no risk of compromise. Good to know that truly hassle-free travel comes with peace of mind too.
Immigration Assistant
Breeze through immigration and customs form-filling processes with our immigration and customs assistant that gives you quick and painless access to passport, transport and accommodation details.
Calendar Sync
Let us help you get on top of your hectic schedule with Calendar Sync. Simply add meetings and appointments to your calendar and TravelerBuddy will take care of the rest.
Trips Combination
More than one trip ahead and too many trip items to remember? Our thoughtful feature allows you to combine two or more trips into one single itinerary. Very handy when planning a side trip along your longer trip.
Personalized Note-taking function
Capture the highlights of your trip with TravelerBuddy's personalized note-taking function. Attach notes or even photos to each trip and share these via email.
Trip Sharing
Our unique trip sharing feature allows you to share your trips or trip items with friends or colleagues. You can also create a summary of your trip in one single document for archival or easy reference.
Document Box
TravelerBuddy archives and stores all emails and trips sent to for easy access and reference. Our source box is one useful avenue you may turn to when details that are not captured in the standard trip fields are needed.
Map Navigation
When on-ground, the built-in map helps you navigate to your desired location which also allows to book taxis.