Innovative, time-saving and
for Travel and Expense Management
TravelerBuddy, your digital assistant is designed for and with frequent travelers like you. Get all these amazing benefits when you use our travel app.

#1 Travel Paperless

Easy access your travel itineraries and its details on well-arrange travel card (and offline)

Have secure, PIN-protected access to digital copies of important travel documents such as passports, driver's licenses, insurance policies, and bank cards

#2 Organize Travel Plans Smoothly

Create your travel plan automatically by simply forwarding all your booking emails (e.g. flight, hotel, restaurant) in a secure environment to

Manually add additional travel details, notes, and attachments - Edit your travel plan conveniently in the mobile or web app

#3 Stay Informed

Always inform yourself before your trip about:

  • Required passport validity and necessary visa requirements
  • Health risks and necessary vaccinations
  • Customs regulations

See at a glance:

  • Validity of your passport and visa
  • Weather forecast for all destinations
  • Exchange rate between home and local currency
  • Time difference between country of residence and country of destination, including time zones

#4 Get Notified

Receive promptly:

  • Notifications about next step in your journey (e.g.B. Departure)
  • Alerts about possible flight changes (e.g. delay, cancellation, gate change)
  • Reminder for flight check-in and departure
  • Ground navigation support with map (Google) to next destination (e.g. hotel, restaurant)

#5 Save Time With Helpful Tools

  • Share or print your itinerary with just one click
  • Synchronize all or part of your itinerary with your agenda
  • Easily convert all foreign currency amounts with the Currency Converter
  • Check in online with over 400 airlines with just one app - All the information you need is ready for you
  • Create your own packing list
  • Easily fill in immigration and/or customs cards with the Immigration Assistant
  • Have secure, PIN-protected access to digital copies of important travel documents such as passports, driver's licenses, insurance policies, and bank cards

#6 Manage Your Expenses Swiftly

  • Receive automatically generated expenses reports from booking emails with:
    - summary report as PDF
    - including receipts attachments in PDF
    - all data in CSV file for further processing
  • Add receipts by making snapshots, uploading photos or files
  • Add and edit expense details easily
  • See status on your expense report on one glance (open, submitted, rejected, paid)

#7 Protect Your Travel and Personal Data

  • Your data is encrypted and safe with us
  • Only you have access to sensitive data via the PIN code protected profiles.
  • Data protection guidelines (e.g. GDPR) are strictly applied.
  • We respect your privacy and do not tolerate spam and will never sell, rent, lease or give away your information (e.g. name, email to any third party without your permission)

#8 Access Via Easy-to-Use, Secured
One Stop Solution

  • Your travel is always updated in real-time – so you can travel hassle-free
  • You can access relevant information both online and offline – all data is synchronised
  • You only have to fill your personal data one time instead on dozens of other applications
  • Your data is safe with us– unfortunately, that is not the case for many other applications
  • You can save more than 2GB on your smartphone as you need only on the app instead of many

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