redefining the way the world travels

Our Vision

To be the world's number one go-to travel management platform for a hassle-free travel experience.

The Genesis of TravelerBuddy

Driven by what they experienced at their EMBA program with the London Business School, Columbia University (New York) and The University of Hong Kong, along with their diverse corporate backgrounds, three forward-thinking, adventure-seeking friends and seasoned travelers - Juerg, Philippe and Sam - came together, with one single goal of redefining the way the world travels.

As varied as current technology for traveling may be, these three friends realise that there is not one single unifying platform that can address simply, yet sophisticatedly, the travel needs of and difficulties encountered by the global business traveler.

With this in mind and a vision of hassle-free and paperless travel in the near future, Juerg, Philippe and Sam generated their business idea, validating it with nearly 100 people, shaping their idea based on client feedback, extensive first-hand traveling experiences and the objective of enhancing the entire (pre-travel, travel and post-travel) travel experience.

Out of their common addiction to travel, a shared passion of bringing far-reaching solutions to existing challenges business and frequent travelers face, and a desire to fulfill their entrepreneurial calling, TravelerBuddy was born.

Management Team

The TravelerBuddy team is a global one, comprising passionate team members from Singapore and Switzerland working together in a multi-lingual environment (English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Bahasa, Melayu, Bahasa Indonesia and Tagalog) to fulfill TravelerBuddy's common vision.

Philippe P. Graeppi, Chairman & Founding Partner

One of three founding partners at TravelerBuddy, Philippe wears two hats - one as TravelerBuddy's Chairman and the other as its Chief Financial Officer - making decisions on both the strategic and financial fronts.

Raised in an entrepreneurial family with a global mindset, Philippe developed an affinity for traveling and business adventures through venture capital investments. With over a million travel miles and anecdotes accumulated over the past 10 years of private and business travels, Philippe brings to TravelerBuddy a wealth of understanding and first-hand experience of the needs of business and frequent travelers.

His educational background, combined with professional expertise garnered from his various roles in wealth management, global entrepreneurial mindset and extensive business networks are key assets that will further strengthen the development of TravelerBuddy.

Outside of work, Philippe is an active ice hockey player during the winter months. In the summer, he exchanges the hockey stick for a tennis racket. Philippe is equally passionate about cooking and collecting and savouring fine wines.

Philippe holds a Master of Arts in Business and Economics from the University of Bern (Switzerland) and Tilburg (Netherlands), and an Executive MBA from three Ivy League Business Schools - the London Business School (LBS), the Columbia Business School (CBS, New York), and the Hong Kong Business School (HKU). He is also a CFA Charterholder.

Juerg Kaufmann, Chief Executive Officer & Founding Partner

With an extensive experience that includes over a few hundred thousand miles of traveling from two decades of executive work in the private banking and insurance industry, Juerg brings with him a profound understanding of the needs, behaviour and desire of the modern global traveler.

This passion for both business and personal travel, and his determination to create lasting peace of mind for the entire travel process are to be the fundamentals behind the brainchild that Juerg and his co-founders proudly named TravelerBuddy.

Prior to TravelerBuddy, Juerg enjoyed a rewarding corporate career for leading banks like Credit Suisse and UBS. He also had a successful decade-long track record as entrepreneur in the luxury and jewellery industry in Switzerland.

The proud alumnus and Global EMBA graduate of the world’s top three business schools - the London Business School, Columbia Business School and Hong Kong Business School - is also an avid animal-lover, snowboarder, scuba-diver, golfer and tennis player.

Fabian Kaeser, Chief Technology Officer

Fabian is a proud member of TravelerBuddy since January 2016. Excited to build your go-to app for travel and expense management with the rest of the motivated team.

As the CTO of TravelerBuddy, he is determined to build the best fitting environment to allow the most efficient development using cutting edge technologies.
Furthermore, he is driving product innovation and ensuring world-class customer support provided by our team of specialists.

He gained in depth knowledge of Android & iOS development, Unix/Linux, Windows, Amazon Web Services, Databases (PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, MSSQL) and SAP at global players like IBM, Siemens and Atos as well as multiple start-ups.
With experience in diverse industries, from travel to insurance, industrial to banking & finance.

Before TravelerBuddy, Fabian has been managing software development projects in Asia's bustling start-up scene.
Prior 2013 he was managing major Unix/Linux and SAP ERP implementation projects for large corporations in Switzerland for over 10 years.

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