How to spend the perfect holiday in the winter paradise

Watch this amazing video and let yourself be enchanted by the winter paradise of Switzerland.

Insider Tip #1 - It's all about the right timing Many people like to be in the Alps around Christmas or New Year. There is a unique, even magical atmosphere when every roof, street, and tree is snow-covered. However, there is no guarantee for snow-covered valleys and sunny days. And if you don't book well in advance, it might be hard to get a place at your desired location and hotel. Being Swiss and having spent almost every winter holidays in the Swiss mountains, I have an insider tip for you: Visit Switzerland at the end of February or beginning of March! There is a higher probability of more snow due to shift of snowfall, more sunshine due to longer days and fewer tourists. Consequently, you may benefit from lower prices, and you might still get a chance to book your favorite destination. Insider Tip #2 - Winter activities for your bucket list You don't have to be a skier or snowboarder to enjoy the winter in Switzerland. There are many hiking trails, snowbike downhill paths, a bobrun or various sledging tracks, and the cable cars that take you to every summit with a breath-taking view. Do you fancy trying something new? Here are a few more suggestions: In case I got you excited, please enjoy and send us your pictures which I would happily share them on our Instagram Account (travelerbuddytm) to Safe travels, Gute Reise, Bon voyage, Buon viaggio Jurg Kaufmann