Setting up trips has never been easier
Automatic generation of trip itineraries with TravelerBuddy Let TravelerBuddy automatically create your trips in one simple step. All you have to do is forward your flight details, hotel confirmation emails or relevant travel information to and we will take care of the rest. Email unavailable? Just enter your travel details manually.

Managing your itineraries just got a whole lot simpler
Get the most out of your trips with TravelerBuddy Managing your itineraries is a whole lot simpler with TravelerBuddy. Our additional features, from real-time travel alerts, to quick and offline access, to all relevant travel information, set us apart from conventional travel management solutions.

Pre-travel checks that save you time and money
With TravelerBuddy, truly hassle-free travel begins before your trips Missing your flights due to inadequate documents, invalid passports or missing visas are a thing of the past with TravelerBuddy. With our intuitive pre-travel checks system, you will be reminded ahead of time of all pertinent travel documents, including relevant and country-specific customs and health information. With TravelerBuddy, nothing is left to chance before you travel!

Truly Hassle-free and time-saving immigration
Immigration and Customs assistance from TravelerBuddy With TravelerBuddy, all relevant immigration information is literally at your fingertips! With quick and easy access to passport, flight, cruise, ferry and accommodation details, save time and breeze through immigration and customs form-filling processes.

Safe and secure travel with unique data protection feature
Safe and secure storage with TravelerBuddy Enjoy truly hassle-free travel with TravelerBuddy knowing that your personal information is safely and securely stored with us. Our password protected access allows you to share and use information anytime, anywhere with no risk of compromise. Good to know that hassle-free travel comes with peace of mind too.

Prompt, paperless and painless travel expense reclaim experience
Travel Expense reclaim made easy with TravelerBuddy TravelerBuddy automatically stores your forwarded invoices with each respective trip. With our integrated tool, simply snap as you go photos of additional receipts/invoices and add these to the trip item. All invoices and receipts from your trip can be viewed from and printed in one single attachment for pain-free reimbursement. Welcome to TravelerBuddy world – where cumbersome post-travel activities like searching for, scanning, faxing or mailing of receipts are history.