travelerbuddy features pretravel check tool


The smart, all-in-one app that anticipates your every travel need. Easily manage all your trip-related details in one super convenient app – download TravelerBuddy now for free.

travelerbuddy features packing list tool

Travel Advice Map

For clear, concise information on where you can and can’t travel to right now check out TravelerBuddy’s Travel Advice Map. Everything you need to know on the latest travel protocols in real-time.

travelerbuddy features time and cost calculator

Travel Advice Form

For detailed information on your next planned trip simply fill out TravelerBuddy’s Travel Advice Form. Whether you’re travelling to single or multiple destinations Travel Advice can provide up-to-date information that takes into account your recent travel history and even checks the documents you’ll need.

travelerbuddy features travel guide

Explore our Multi-Media Section

Putting together the bucket list or just in search of some much-needed escapism get inspired by our specially curated travel media collection. Search and filter by country and destination and discover what you’ve been missing!

travelerbuddy features time and cost calculator


Not sure what to pack for your next business trip or vacation? we’ve (even) got that covered with our super handy Packing List Generator. We’ll suggest a list of essential items specific to your destination and time of travel.