5 Things You Should Do Before Traveling

No matter how much we travel, we always have a tendency to forget things. We have our standard lists, but everything still seems to be all over the place. Well if you're looking to ease your worries prior to your trip, then best you read on. Take a look and maybe you'd find something to help ease the process.

#1 Plan, organize and share your trips.

Use a digital assistant that helps you create your itineraries with ease. With TravelerBuddy, it's as simple as forwarding your hotel or flight booking confirmation emails to trips@travelerbuddy.com. Let the app do the rest for you.

You then get an automatically generated itinerary with direct online flight check-in for over 400 airlines, real-time alerts in relation to your flight (delays and gate changes), and even Google maps to help you get to your next destination. You can also share your trip details via email and WhatsApp.


#2 Check your travel requirements beforehand.

Make sure you have the right visas and have secured the correct vaccinations for your trips. More importantly, make sure your passport is valid up to 6 months before you depart. TravelerBuddy has a great way to stay on top of these things with their Pre-Travel Check feature. It's available on the app and web dashboard.


#3 Make arrangements with the bank

Call your credit card company and let them know you'll be going overseas. This way, you can avoid having problems when making payments or purchases abroad. Also, don't forget to pay in local currency instead of your home currency (bring this up when you call them!). You get better rates and lower fees.


#4 Have a digital copy of the important things

Any good traveler knows the importance of having copies of your passports, driver's license, credit/debit cards, and even your insurance cards. You always have the information when you need it, without ever having to risk losing them when you're going around town. Make sure you're using a secure digital safe to access them even when you're offline.


#5 Double check your list

Everyone seems to dislike packing because you need to keep track of everything you need to bring. It gets too overwhelming, and you tend to put it off until the last minute. So how about making the entire process easier by using TravelerBuddy's Packing List

Just enter the necessary details and have the packing list made for you. From there you can add or delete items to customize further. You can also print, save, or share it. Easy as 1, 2, 3!