3 Golden Rules For A Hassle-Free Trip

Traveling can be stressful with the amount of things you need to keep in mind, especially when preparing for your trip. And with all that you need to remember, it can take away a lot of time that you can spend enjoying instead.

So wherever and whenever you're going, don't forget these three golden rules to help you ease the hassle that comes with exploring the globe.


#1 Cash v. Card

On a general basis, keep a good balance of cash along with your credit cards. For credit cards, bring a good mix that is affiliated with third parties (MasterCard, Visa and the like) and is generally accepted anywhere. Whether it’s debit or credit, be mindful of bringing a variety of cards that can make international transactions.

Head’s up: For trips abroad, it's always best to inform your bank beforehand. That way, you won't encounter any problems when you're trying to pay for any transactions.

For international travels, best to bring a good amount of currencies. Have enough USD or Euros on hand. Especially when traveling to countries where currency could be a lot more challenging to obtain, consider having money exchanged when you get to your destination.


#2 Budget v. Time

Remember that time is gold. There’s nothing wrong with going for airlines that would suit a tight budget. But be mindful of how far your money will go. It’s also about making sure you’ve looked through what fits your preferences. Is it really worth to save a couple bucks if you have two layovers within a day or two of traveling?

Would it be cheaper for you to buy one card that gives you credits to bus and train transportation than always trying to hail a cab? Would getting a hotel room be a better idea than a private villa for almost the same price? If you can get a little extra for a few more bucks, then why not go for the better deal?


#3 Luggage Weight

When booking for your luggage allowance, one thing you need to remember: don’t lie to yourself. As much as possible, book the one that’s already according to your preferences. This saves you more time and money on changing booking details with your airline.

You generally have an idea if you’re good at packing light, or if you have a tendency to overpack. And especially when you know you’re going shopping. Keep that consideration in mind when you’re thinking about how much baggage weight you need.

Tip: If you’re traveling for an extended trip without doing laundry, make sure you’re not at your maximum baggage allowance when leaving your origin. Clothes -- when not laundered -- are much heavier to pack. They also take up more space than if you had done laundry and ironed some garments.